Ready for a new website? Here's how.

If you're a small business wanting to build your online reputation, it's difficult to know where to start. Maybe your website needs modernisation, a fresh outlook? Or perhaps you're looking into finally getting that first website to help simplify your business ...

We make things easier by offering a tailored E-commerce Launch Package with everything you'll need to start the process of launching your first web-shop, complete with content and marketing support. It's a fantastic opportunity for microDev to get to know new clients, and to better understand and support your needs in the future.

Relationships are important in any business, and we aim to build trust with all our prospective clients as you move your business to a new online space. 

Consider your Brand

What does your business mean to you? Brand is one of the most important things to consider when starting your business. It needs to be relevant to your audience, exciting and new, highly engaged with the market and trustworthy. Our Launch package offers a tailored E-commerce Website Outline Design to help convey your brand vision. We'll discuss your company "feel" and set up a web-shop theme that is uniquely you. Whether you want formal with dark colours, or a minimalist design with stunning images and a pastel palette - we'll make sure it reflects your brand in a way that makes you smile.

The package includes the essential pages to get your business up and running quickly, with a fully-functioning website that you can manage yourself. And if you want more, we will be there to support your growing brand and business goals!

Think about your Voice

Having a digital audit can be an expensive process, and is often reserved for companies with large followings and many resources. However, we believe it is extremely useful for smaller businesses to plan their future investments, and we offer a basic audit as part of the Launch Package!

Knowing how your social media, website and brand appears to others can inform any changes you might want to make, and ways to strengthen your brand voice as your business grows.

Your social media voice is a free tool to communicate your uniqueness! Our Launch Package includes tailored social media posts for use across your chosen social media channels - we'll need access to your social media accounts to get the most out of this.They'll be expertly designed and written for engagement, which will help inspire you to create better content yourself!

Find that Inspiration

Bespoke written work enriches your website, helps to build brand image and gives you extra content to post on social media and share in your newsletters.

Our Launch Package gives you tastefully written, audience-driven and engaging blogs that are worthy of sharing, and will make great additions to your website. Blogs help establish your tone, and makes your website that much more interesting for shoppers. Plus, they help to build a strong backbone for your website, with a lifetime value that helps to generate leads for months and years to come.

You can go on to write your own or ask us to produce weekly, for you! We're also able to assist you in creating a content calendar, which will help you keep all your posts organised and shared with purpose.

Become Visible

microDev will create a bespoke set of designs for use in a promotional Google Ad. We'll deliver them in the three most popular ad sizes, tailored to your audience for optimum business awareness. Sign-off your design with us, and you're ready to go the next time you want to promote your business online.

If you need some help scheduling these adverts, let us know!

Take Control!

Together, this all-inclusive package gives you a boost to your local business, and lays a great foundation for any future developments. Now that you're set up with your own website, you have complete freedom in the way your web-shop looks, with control over putting out your own content and products whenever they need an update. 

No need for expensive monthly retainers or contracts, simply get in touch when you need expert support or content creation.

Find out how we can help your business grow online, and read the details of our E-commerce Launch Package for more information on how we will get you started!

Contact us now for a free consultation!

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