5 mental health tips for small business owners

No-one is feeling the economic pinch as much as small and locally-owned businesses. Unlike larger companies, you might be struggling to manage your daily life amongst the stress and uncertainty the future holds.

Hard work, being flexible and embracing creativity will help your business get through this, but looking after your mental health will still ensure your hard work and your insistence on working overtime hours, will reap the reward they deserve.

Follow our 5 tips for small business owners to take care of your mental health:

Separate Work and Home

The majority of us are likely working remotely from our desk at home at the moment. This might be an entirely different way of operating, which makes it difficult to decide when to stop work for the day.

65% of small business owners find trouble ending their working day within reasonable hours. Don't find yourself believing that working long hours will benefit your business - they have a big impact on your mental health and leave you feeling burnt out and unproductive.

Separate your work hours from your time at home and know when to stop.

home office

Reconnect with Family

The stress of running a small business through a global pandemic can affect personal relationships with your family. Set aside time to reconnect with your family and those who are important to you.

If you are crammed in a household with a larger family throughout the day, it becomes easy to feel frustrated. Remember, it's a difficult time for everyone, and so important to reconnect during a time of such uncertainty. Reach out to family members who might be feeling isolated, especially close to usual family occasions where you might have celebrated with a gathering.

Take the time to go for walks together, have those important conversations and keep supporting each other.

reconnecting with family

Take a Time Out

Give yourself the opportunity to relax. Avoid checking the news every 5 minutes, as this can be especially stressful for many.

Try breathing techniques, a break to make a cup of tea or go for your one form of exercise a day to give yourself a mental break from your busy day. Taking up a relaxing hobby such as gardening or doing crafts is a great way to wind down after a stressful day.

It's extremely important to get enough sleep and avoid consuming too much caffeine and high-sugar food.

tying shoelace going for a run

Keep a Routine

Finding order in the chaos will help organise each day into manageable sections. Divide those mammoth tasks into lists and keep a priority list, allocating time for each task to work on per day.

Keeping to dedicated lunch breaks and mental breaks away from your desk will help keep you feeling more productive throughout the day.

to do list

Ask for Help

Knowing when to ask for help and support is important. Share with friends, family or take time to process your mental well-being by yourself, if this is what you feel you need.

If you need help, contact Samaritans, visit Mind or the NHS Every Mind Matters website to get the support you need.


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